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Gun Rights/Second Amendment Attorney in Troy, Michigan

An Experienced Attorney May Be Able to Preserve or Restore Your Right to Carry.

Gun rights are often discussed in the media and are hotly debated. Several years ago, Michigan adopted a "shall issue" rule regarding the issuance of licenses to carry a concealed pistol. Despite this fact, your license to carry can be revoked if you are convicted of a crime. In other cases, bureaucratic snafus and outright abuses by government officials can deny you your right to carry a firearm. In these situations, an experienced attorney may be able to preserve or restore your right to carry.

Attorney Ian Redmond teaches law portions of CPL classes and has published articles on both the Second Amendment and on state laws concerning the right to carry. The United States Supreme Court has issued decisions consistent with one of the articles, and the Ohio Legislature amended its concealed carry statute in light of another article Ian authored.

CPL Appeals

If you have applied for a license to carry a concealed pistol (CPL) and you were denied, you may appeal the denial within 21-days. Assuming that the basis for the denial was in error, our attorneys will help collect the documentation you need to show that the denial was inappropriate.

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NFA Trusts

Michigan has legalized the ownership of certain items that are still regulated by the ATF, such as short-barreled rifles, suppressors and other NFA Class III weapons. A Gun Trust or NFA Trust is an estate planning tool that can be used to acquire NFA Class III weapons, suppressors and destructive devices. Such a document protects a law-abiding person to acquire and own a Class III weapon and allow for its transfer after death without placing beneficiaries in violation of federal law. A valid NFA trust solves these issues, but the trust itself must be properly drafted and we have the experience to assist you with this matter.

Gun Rights Restoration/Expungement

People make mistakes. If you were convicted of a crime over five years ago that prevents you from obtaining or possessing a gun, there may be ways to restore your firearm rights. The particulars of your conviction will dictate what path is taken.

With less than one felony and two misdemeanors, you may qualify to have your convictions set aside (expunged) such that no record of the conviction remains. This would restore your gun rights on the state and federal levels so that you may purchase, possess and apply for a CPL in Michigan.

With more than one felony and two misdemeanors, you may qualify to have your firearm rights restored under Michigan law. This does not automatically restore your rights under federal law.

At Redmond Law Group, we will use our years of knowledge and experience to protect your rights. Please feel free to contact our office for a consultation on these or other matters.