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Gun Rights/Second Amendment Attorney in Troy, Michigan

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects a person’s right to possess, own, or keep a firearm. However, there are various gun control laws established in the state of Michigan to ensure that only competent individuals can possess a gun or firearm. In addition, individuals who have a criminal record must go through a series of steps to restore their gun rights. A well-informed Michigan gun rights attorney can educate you about your gun ownership and restoration rights.  

At Law Offices of Barton Morris, I look forward to providing comprehensive guidance to clients in the legal matters of gun rights and second amendment rights. I can assist your situation by informing you about your rights to own or possess a gun in the state and how to restore your gun rights after a criminal conviction. Moreover, I can direct you through the legal processes involved in gun rights restoration and help you understand any challenges.  

My firm – Law Offices of Barton Morris – is proud to serve clients across Troy, Michigan, as well as throughout Oakland and Macomb counties.

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What Does the Second Amendment Guarantee?  

Pursuant to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, "a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 

Thus, the Second Amendment guarantee that American citizens have the right to possess a firearm and use it lawfully, such as for self-defense, defense of others, or defense of property. 

Gun Laws in Michigan 

Furthermore, there are various laws established to regulate the ownership, purchase, and use of firearms in the state of Michigan. Here are some important gun laws in Michigan: 

  • Only individuals 21 years or older are allowed to obtain a concealed pistol license. Also, you must be an American citizen, a Lawful Permanent Resident, or a legal resident of Michigan. 

  • A person shall not buy, possess, carry, or transport a pistol in Michigan without obtaining the required license for such pistol.  

  • The commissioner or chief of police shall issue licenses to carry, purchase, transport, or possess pistols to qualified applicants with due speed and diligence. 

  • A person shall not carry a pistol publicly without a concealed pistol license. 

  • A person convicted of a felony shall not use, purchase, possess, sell, transport, distribute, receive, or carry a firearm in the state unless certain conditions have been fulfilled. 

Gun Rights Restoration/Expungement  

In Michigan, individuals who have been convicted of felony crimes, certain misdemeanor offenses, or domestic violence, will lose their rights to own, possess, or carry a gun or firearm. Thankfully, you may be eligible to restore your gun rights under certain circumstances. Here are the steps involved in gun rights restoration in Michigan: 

  • Determine whether your violation is eligible for gun rights restoration. 

  • Pay all required fines and court costs. 

  • Serve all the terms of the imprisonment imposed for the violation. 

  • Successfully complete all conditions and provisions of your parole or probation. 

Although, the state’s law specifies that your firearm rights will be “automatically” restored after the expiration of 3, 5, or 7 years upon fulfilling the requirements. However, this doesn’t generally occur without intervention. Hence, getting support from an attorney to help file a petition for a court order permitting your gun rights restoration at the state and federal levels is essential. 

What Is an NFA Trust?  

Generally, the ownership of certain items – including suppressors, short-barreled rifles, and other NFA Class III weapons – is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). A Gun Trust or NFA Trust is an estate planning tool that is used to acquire NFA Class III weapons, suppressors, and destructive devices.  

Furthermore, if you’re a law-abiding citizen, the NFA trust can protect your rights and eligibility to acquire and own a Class III weapon. Also, you may be able to transfer such a weapon to your beneficiaries, upon your demise, without putting the inheritor in violation of federal law. As your attorney, I can help draft, review, and update your NFA trust and make sure the document is valid, and offer the necessary protections. 

What Is a CPL Appeal?  

If your application for a license to carry a concealed pistol (CPL) is denied, you may be eligible to appeal the denial. This requires filing a CPL Appeal within 21-days of the denial. A dependable attorney can review the reasons for the denial, gather substantial facts and evidence to establish that the denial was inappropriate, and represent you diligently during the CPL Appeal.  

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Illegal possession of firearms in Michigan is a felony. Similarly, being convicted of a criminal offense can cause you to lose your gun ownership rights. Therefore, whether you want to understand how to possess a gun legally or restore your gun rights, conversating with a lawyer can be extremely beneficial for clear direction.  

At Law Offices of Barton Morris, I can help by providing excellent legal assistance and guiding clients through the challenges involved in gun ownership and gun rights restoration. Similarly, I can assess your situation and determine whether you are eligible to own, possess, carry, or use a firearm in the state.  

Even if you need assistance restoring your gun rights upon completing your sentence, I will intervene on your behalf, represent you in your case, and ensure that your gun rights are restored both at the state and federal levels. With me on your side, you can anticipate the most favorable outcome in your case.

Gun Rights/Second Amendment Attorney Serving Troy, Michigan  

If you want to know more about gun rights, second amendment rights, and gun rights restoration, contact me at Redmond Law Group today to schedule a simple consultation. I have the clear legal advice and loyal advocacy you need. My firm is proud to serve clients across Troy, Michigan, as well as throughout Oakland and Macomb counties.