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NFA Trusts Attorney in Troy, Michigan

Don’t give up your guns. A Gun Trust or NFA Trust is an estate planning document that ensures that your firearms are inherited according to your wishes. Whether you own one hunting rifle or a safe full of suppressed, automatic pistols, a Gun Trust is necessary to ensure that your firearms are not held up in court.

For example, if you own a Glock-19 pistol and do not have a Gun Trust when you die, a judge will need to authorize its transfer to your spouse or your child. However, if your spouse is a felon or your child is a minor, they cannot take possession of the pistol. So, the court would appoint a person (a friend of the judge) to “administer” the pistol until the spouse clears their record or the child become eligible to take possession of the pistol. That administrator gets paid from your estate. Since the court is not in the business of safekeeping firearms, they would likely sell the pistol and distribute the money to the spouse or child.

With a Gun Trust, you name the person who would “administer” your firearms, if necessary. Thus, you control how the firearms are protected and do not rely on a judge.

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