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What Happens When an Employment Contract Is Breached?

If your business was accused of a breach of employment contract, you might wonder what happens next and what are the ways to defend your company against the claim. Even if you know that the accusations are far-fetched or false, you still need to act carefully to protect your business.

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Creating a Business Succession Plan

An astounding 67% of North American family business owners don’t have a plan in place for what happens if they retire, become incapacitated, or pass away. So much of running a successful business relies on solid planning. Why not plan for what happens when you are gone?

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The Benefits of a Firearms Trust (NFA Trust)

If you’re a gun owner or collector, especially one who has been licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE, ATFE, or simply ATF) to own weapons and devices that are otherwise illegal, you should consider the establishment of a Gun Trust.

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What Evidence is Admissible in a Contract Dispute?

It’s not unusual for business disputes to surface and disrupt everyday operations. Some of these are interpersonal matters that can be resolved individually through discussions or negotiations. Other disputes can involve breaches of contract when one party fails to live up to a promise.

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What are the Elements of a Breach of Contract Claim?

As you may have guessed, breach of contract simply means that one party to an agreement fails to deliver on a promised obligation. If you find yourself at either end of a breach of contract dispute, the first recourse is to settle matters through negotiation — but if that fails, you may need representation in court.

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Legislative Reform: The Second Amendment: Bearing Arms Today, 28 J. Legis. 325

The Bill of Rights delineates some of the rights and freedoms that the Founders considered fundamental during the ratification of our Constitution. … " Professor Laurence Tribe, for one, has suggested that the "petty and partisan debate" surrounding the Second Amendment has left scholarship "'radically underdeveloped'" in this area. …

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