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The Benefits of a Concealed Pistol License

Nov. 30, 2021

Law-abiding citizens in Michigan have the right to carry firearms, but must do so by seeking a valid concealed pistol license (CPL). Naturally, there are several requirements you must meet to be approved, and you’ll encounter complications if you’ve had any past legal issues. However, not every mistake in the past should bar you from exercising your rights, and I can help you work through the specifics of your situation and advise you on the best course of action. I’ve worked hard establishing my firm at the Redmond Law Group in Troy, Michigan to ensure you have a reliable weapons attorney who’ll stand up for your right to carry. Call me today to set up an appointment.Revolver and Bullets and Concealed Weapon Permit

Requirements of a Concealed Pistol License

If you live in Michigan and want to carry a concealed pistol you must meet a certain set of criteria, including being at least 21 years old, being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, being a resident of the state for at least six months, and completing a pistol safety course. Additionally, there are a number of prior convictions that can bar you from receiving a concealed pistol license, including being dishonorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces. In general, a felony charge may prevent you from getting a license, but misdemeanors can also bar you from getting a license for three to eight years from the time of your conviction. However, people often find it necessary to work with a firearms attorney to ensure their right to carry is restored after their waiting period is up both at the state and federal levels.

What a Concealed Pistol License Allows

When you successfully apply for and receive a CPL you’ll then be allowed to carry a loaded or unloaded pistol either on your person or in your vehicle, although there are additional rules that surround this. First, there are specific locations where you cannot bring in a pistol—even with a valid CPL. Some examples are the Capitol building, most schools including K-12 and colleges or universities, and casinos. Second, if you are concealing a weapon in your vehicle and you’re pulled over by an officer, you must disclose immediately that you have a firearm in the car and present your CPL. By providing this information upfront, the officer will have no reason to suspect any wrongdoing from you.

The Benefits of a Concealed Pistol License

Because Michigan is a “shall carry” state, that means that anyone who passes the background check and meets the other state requirements will be issued a CPL without having to prove a specific reason for applying. There are currently 41 other “shall carry” states and in each of these your Michigan CPL will be honored and you won’t have to obtain a new license when traveling across state lines. Additionally, a CPL allows you to protect yourself, your family, and your community from potential danger. Because Michigan requires all license holders to complete a gun safety course, you’ll be confident in your skills and safety precautions. Holding a valid CPL ensures you’re seen as a law-abiding citizen by your fellow citizens and by law enforcement.

Additionally, a CPL permits you to transport a loaded pistol in your car. Unless you have a CPL, any pistol in the vehicle is considered concealed, so it must be unloaded and separated from the ammunition. This creates a problem for a person who wishes to open carry without a CPL. They would have to open carry until they get to their car, then unload the pistol before driving to their destination. Alternatively, a person who holds a CPL may carry a concealed pistol load in the vehicle.

Experienced Legal Guidance You Can Rely On

If you have questions about obtaining permits to carry firearms, or if you have concerns about previous felony or misdemeanor convictions and how they could affect your chances of obtaining a concealed pistol permit, call me today. I have extensive experience advocating on behalf of a citizens’ right to carry. I’m proud to work with clients from my office in Troy, Michigan, but can also serve those throughout the region, including Oakland and Macomb counties.