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Highly Recommend

Excellent experience from start to finish. I was having legal issues with a less than desirable rental company and Mr. Redmond was able to handle everything from start to finish. He was very knowledgeable and worked with me on his rate to make the case affordable. I would highly recommend Ian Redmond to anyone.

- Corey Umstott, Client

Great Amount of Knowledge

I was with another law firm defending my case. After a year and a half we were moving on a snails pace. I found myself giving direction as opposed to my attorney leading me. The best thing that I did was to reach out to Ian. He has made more progress in a shorter amount of time and has my financial interests in mind as well. His costs for service are very fair and expresses a great amount of knowledge. His objectives are to get closure with my case. He has most certainly worked with me to develop a good business relationship. I no longer feel a need to seek another law firm.

- Michael D, Client

Prompt, Caring & Efficient

I would definitely recommend Ian to anyone in need of legal counsel. He is knowledgeable, bright and personable with a diverse background of experience. He successfully negotiated & resolved a probate case for me, as well as a civil infraction case. I also found his advice & counsel on Real Estate matters very helpful. In every instance, he was always prompt, caring & efficient. It's comforting to know someone with his legal expertise.

- Kathy A, Client

Highly Recommend

Ian is an extremely personable, thoughtful, bright, talented, and trustworthy lawyer. Highly recommend to anyone needing legal guidance and counsel.

- Sam Sperling, Client

They Exceed All Expectations

I had Redmond PLC create a business contract to use with my clients for my social media marketing and management business. They brought up a lot of points I had not considered, which helped me tailor my services in legal aspects. I would definitely recommend Redmond PLC as they take the time and effort to understand your needs and exceed all expectations.

- Jeff P, Business Contract Client

Fast & Efficient

I had an amazing experience with Redmond, PLC. My father had been seriously ill for many years but the last 8 months have been particularly awful and stress filled. Between hospital and nursing home issues, insurance and Medicaid problems, and every other complication that can come with end of life care, I was starting to go a little crazy. Ian Redmond was a life saver! I needed a will and a power of attorney drawn up rather quickly and he delivered. He was fast and efficient. He came to the nursing home and met with my father and coordinated the signing with a notary public. He took the stress out of the whole situation for me and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a professional, friendly, and efficient lawyer.

- Meghan C, Client

Life Changing

I never thought I would find myself needing legal help, but when that day came I am so grateful that Mr. Redmond was on my side.

Lawsuits are exhausting, even when you know in your heart that you are "right" or the "good guy". There are no guarantees of success. Through the duration of a rather lengthy suit, Mr. Redmond kept us progressing with tact and tenacity; and it was his professional skill and strong personal commitment that made the difference. More frankly, watching Mr. Redmond cut through all the B.S. with artfulness and integrity gave me the confidence I needed to keep going. I could not be happier with the outcome- in my case it really was life changing.

I hired a lawyer, and gained a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Ian.

- John Allen, Client

Attentive to Detail

I have worked with Ian on multiple projects. I also have hired Ian to do various projects for me. He is attentive to detail and very responsive. He is very deliberate and creative in his thought process and recommendations.

- Andrey, Client

Very Generous

I have used Ian as an adviser and to draw up documents for 3 real estate deals. I found him to be very generous with his advice - certainly not the sort of lawyer who is always fishing for more billable hours! As I was somewhat of a novice in real estate investing, Ian's advice was instrumental in keeping me out of a couple of deals that I thought were great, but where I had missed some key details. I will certainly continue to use his services as I grow my business.

- Paul, Client