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Most lawyers are smart, but not all are honest. I advise my clients based on what's best for them and their futures.


A small business should have the right team to succeed. I am available to be your (remote) in-house counsel.


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Business & Second Amendment Attorney in Troy, Michigan

Ian Redmond

Ian Redmond

Attorney at Law

Growing up in a small town, I personally knew many of the local business owners. I saw firsthand the way their businesses were extensions of themselves, and once I became an attorney, I knew I wanted to assist clients like them. In addition to business law, I also advise clients in cases involving the Second Amendment. The constitutional laws surrounding gun rights piqued my interest in college, and they have since become a fundamental aspect of my practice. Contact my office in Troy, Michigan, for legal guidance on a business contract, a restoration of gun rights, or a real estate issue. I proudly serve clients throughout both Macomb and Oakland counties.


"I enjoy having a far-reaching impact. When my clients succeed, so do their employees, their families, and others they care about."

Attorney Ian Redmond

business Guidance from a Former Business owner

The area of business law can be complex. Whether you own a business, are just starting a company, or are looking to sell a business you've built, it can be difficult to navigate the necessary legal processes alone. However, working with a skilled Michigan business attorney may be able to lessen your burden. Start pursuing your desired results today.

I am prepared to help you draft a contract, form a new business entity, and mitigate a shareholder dispute. When it comes to litigation, I can explain your options. From mediation to arbitration to negotiation, I want to help you determine the right solution for you. I believe the best attorney-client relationships are formed when each party's strengths are combined.

You understand the ins and outs of your business, just as I understand the laws surrounding it. By listening to each other's insights, we can collaborate on a knowledgeable, strategic course of action. Let's work together on your path toward success.

The legalities of running a business are often daunting. Put a dedicated and experienced business attorney on your side in order to address them properly. Reach out to me at The Law Offices of Barton Morris in Troy, Michigan. I represent clients throughout Oakland County, as well as residents of Macomb County. Schedule a consultation today.

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Preserve or Restore Your Right to Carry

The Constitution (and its Amendments) is the foundation of all laws in our country. The Second Amendment is one of those foundational laws that limits the government and protects the people. As a U.S. citizen, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to firearms. When you have questions about federal or state laws, consult with a knowledgeable gun rights attorney.

I am well-versed in the rules and regulations surrounding the Second Amendment. If your license to carry has been denied or revoked, allow me to defend your constitutional rights. From preparing concealed pistol (CPL) appeals to drafting NFA trusts, I have the experience to guide you through a variety of gun rights-related issues.

If you lost your firearms rights in a criminal conviction, you still have options. However, certain prerequisites must exist. For example, your conviction must have occurred at least five years ago, and you must have less than one felony and two misdemeanors. To learn more about the qualifications for gun rights restoration, contact my office today.

When you regain your Second Amendment rights, you often regain your sense of security. You deserve the opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones and enjoying hobbies like hunting. The Second Amendment makes all that possible. If your rights have been infringed upon in Troy, Michigan, or throughout Oakland and Macomb counties, contact me at The Offices of Barton Morris, today.